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What clients are saying about Bamboo Massage?

Chris Russo - Manager at Strategic Partnerships

"I was a bit stunned, I had to go to bed at 9pm, which is early for me. The feeling was a deep, uniform pressure massage, which allowed deeper penetration over the length of the massage, the result was excellent termination of the low back and glute pain I was experiencing.

I had a deep massage the previous week and it was isolated to one area of deep penetration, the bamboo treatment with Vicki applied the same pressure to all the affected areas and the secondary ones, relieving the pain which the previous massage did not!"


"Thanks Becky for the fantastic bamboo massage. It was so relaxing and yet deep and very therapeutic. I felt great afterward and can’t wait for my next session. My daughter-in-law will love her gift certificate for bamboo massage!"


Sean & Geri Riehl - Real Bodywork

"When my wife and I received our Bamboo Massage session, we were surprised how wonderful and relaxing it was!

The warmth and smoothness of the bamboo made it really relaxing. On the areas of tension, the therapist was able to gently and deeply soften the muscles. What a treat!"



"The Bamboo Massage was extremely relaxing. I loved the heat from the bamboo… it wasn’t too hot and the pressure was just right.

Glad you are here in Santa Barbara and have added it to your amazing repertoire!"


"I absolutely loved it! I’m a huge fan. It really helped penetrate those tight areas and helped me to relax."

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"I can't thank you enough for the awesome bamboo massage. I can tell you I've had hundreds of massages all over the world of every possible kind and your Bamboo Massage is SUPREME!!! I'm serious!

It is my favorite and I have decided to come back every two weeks now because I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!"

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